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Prime Minister Mark Rutte complained at the EU summit in Brussels about Hungary’s sudden opposition to the introduction of a minimum profit tax rate. He hopes France can get rid of that obstacle next week. According to President Emmanuel Macron, his government is “doing everything it can” to get Hungary to join before July 1, when the Czech Republic takes over the presidency of the European Union, he said in Brussels.


24 June 2022

Last Friday, Hungary unexpectedly and much to the chagrin of other member states thwarted a directive on a European minimum tariff of 15 percent on profits tax for large multinational corporations. The country did so during a meeting of EU finance ministers minutes after Poland withdrew its veto against the plan after months. Prior to that, Budapest had no objections. Diplomats called the move “outrageous”.

The Netherlands considers it “very important”, according to Rutte, that a minimum tax be imposed, as previously agreed by 137 countries, including Hungary. The prime minister said he did not understand the sudden blockade of Budapest. But he hasn’t discussed it privately with Prime Minister Viktor Orban, he said. Paris is in talks with Orban, Macron said. All 27 Member States must agree to the expected tax directives.

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