Electric shock collars for dogs are banned from January 1st

That’s what the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has announced this afternoonright

Anxious or aggressive

In addition to unnecessary pain, the devices can cause stress, anxiety and aggressiveness, the ministry wrote. In addition, power surges can damage the bond between owner and dog.

It is also forbidden to use electronic leashes when the power is turned off or off, as dogs may still react fearfully or aggressively if they recognize the device. Collars that automatically startle when a dog barks, for example, will also be banned from next month.

The ban on this equipment has been in place for some time. The ban was supposed to go into effect on July 1, 2020. At the time, the rules were even stricter, but after a scientific study, outgoing minister Schouten wanted a complete ban on power surge equipment.

With a total ban, Minister Schouten followed a number of European countries, including Germany, Denmark, Britain and Austria. Police, animal protection and NVWA must enforce the ban.

‘Cruel treatment of animals’

‘Animal cruelty’ is a common critique of controversial e-leashes for dogs, but not everyone agrees. In the video below from 2019, RTL Nieuws talks to dog trainers about the collar:

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