Do you know if you are consuming enough calories?

The British Nutrition Foundation launched an interesting concept a few years ago: calories quality. With this idea, he seeks to raise greater awareness in the community and so that people pay attention to the nutritional value of food to choose the best. calories.

That calories they energize the body, so they are necessary. If excessive, they can be one of the causes of obesity and diseases associated with weight gain. But this does not mean that you should eliminate them, but that you should moderate and pay attention to their consumption.

It is estimated that, in general, men need about 2,500 calories every day, while women around 2,000 per day. Recommended consumption of 400 at breakfast, 600 at lunch, 600 at dinner and accompanied by drinks and healthy snacks the rest of the day.

calories blank: they can refer to any food or drink that is high in sugar but low in nutrients. this type calories are the ones you should avoid.

healthy diet with calories quality

According to the UK Health Service, such a diet should contain lots of fruit and vegetables, some starchy foods such as whole grain breads, noodles and rice, some protein from meat, fish, dairy or whole grains, and some fat.

Likewise, what you have to reduce is the consumption of sugary carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, sugar-filled cereals, cakes, cookies and pies.

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