December 12th broadcast: What explains the devastating tornado? / What does the world title mean to Max Verstappen? / Back with a vengeance: Brexit / What to do to save the eels?

No tornado season, but great devastation

Tornadoes and severe storms have killed more than 70 people in the central United States. The tornado moved continuously over a distance of more than 300 kilometers on the ground. December is a month where there are usually no tornadoes. How could it be? Are tornadoes becoming more destructive and deadly because of climate change?

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What does the world title mean for Max Verstappen, for sport and for the Netherlands?

Max Verstappen (24) was the first Dutch driver to conquer the world title in Formula 1. The lead in the all-decisive grand prix rested with his rival Lewis Hamilton for most of the race, but victory went to Verstappen in the final. phase. He’s already very popular. What does this world title mean for marketing value? is a guest Bus van Rossumsports marketer and teacher at Hogeschool van Arnhem.


Back with a vengeance: Brexit

Britain has threatened to unilaterally withdraw from the Brexit deal because the deal with Northern Ireland did not go as planned. If they do, and if the EU reacts strongly to it, the no-deal scenario will threaten again, or is still happening. We discussed the situation with the correspondent Flower Launch in English and correspondence Sander van Hoorn In Brussels.

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What should be done to save the eels?

There are so few eels around that fisheries biologists advise stopping eel fishing immediately. But the fishermen, farmers and traders do not agree at all. In the coming days, European fisheries ministers will discuss the future of eels.

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