DB11 V8 with more power

Aston Martin celebrated the upgraded configurator by giving the V8 engine in the DB11 itself more power.

After the British luxury sports car brand acquired a new owner, a lot has happened, including a completely new online configurator which of course allows for hours on end. Yes, maybe even days.

For this can boast technology from Epic Games, Nvidia and Google, the three big fish when it comes to computer games and online solutions. And as we all know, computer games are becoming more realistic and cloud-based web solutions are faster, so yes, this should be good.

The goal is that those who don’t physically visit an Aston Martin dealer can also experience the car in the most realistic way possible, and thus the UK has brought in three heavyweights to create a new solution for this so-called configurator – a construction solution for buying a new car online. on line.

Now it has been updated with, among other things, new 3D technology that makes things even more realistic, where it is possible to enlarge the area of ​​the car. According to Aston Martin itself, it should “engage, excite and activate customers, wherever they are in the buying process”.

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And that’s great, especially since the brand itself can report that they’ve seen a huge increase in traffic on their website after returning to Formula 1 – another novelty that’s happened to the new owners.

The improved solution is called MY22, and the bits of sugar that make things even sweeter can be found in the DB11 model.

Both the coupe and volante versions with a 4-liter V8 can now produce 535 horsepower, up 25 hp from before. And when it comes to so-called super-GT cars, as is well known, every phone counts.

Aston doesn’t say much about what this means for performance, except that the new top speed is now audible at 309 km/h. And it should hold up for the most part.

The UK has also simplified some of the model names they offer, and from now on, for example, the DB11 edition is called simply DB11 and the DBS Superleggera is losing its super light Italian name – just called DBS from now on.

We’re celebrating the new MY22 configurator with some pictures of the Aston Martin DB11 with a V8, because as you know, it can never go wrong.

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