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Princess’s second Marine Aggregate Dredger (CRAZY) class 3500 has just completed its sea trials. His new owner, Hanson UK, now fully employs him.

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According to the builder, the dredger provides a solution for the entire UK dredging fleet, which is decades old. ‘All ship owners can now take advantage of our design advantages and related technologies. It makes their sand exploitation more efficient.’

For design, engineers consult experienced operators in the dredging segment, but also with their own maintenance sites. This, in combination with all the internal knowledge, resulted in 3500 new. Although the dimensions have not changed, it combines 20 percent more payload capacity with lower operating costs/tonne.

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The modern propulsion system provides greater fuel economy and also allows the operation of the engine during operation. Nine people are sufficient on the ship and only two people need to work on the bridge and an engineer in the engine room for the dredging work.

Unloading the entire ship takes two to three hours and is fully automated. Modular construction simplifies maintenance and builders can watch remotely. Sensors transmit their data to the platform and to managers on the ground for real-time analysis.

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Construction of the Hanson Thames began in late 2019. The builders used the original MAD 3500 as a base, but built on the experience gained and the wishes of the customer. Damen always combines standards where possible with customer specifics if desired.

This is also the case with the new MAD 3500 class, which meets individual needs without sacrificing performance.

This time, engineers built a modular screening installation so the crew could pre-sort on board. The Damen Offshore Bow covers the front deck to protect all equipment.

The shipbuilder has opened a service center near the port of Southampton.

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