“Could it be that in the spring we can let go of all…

Bengoawho is the former president’s health adviser Obamaconsider that countries like UK rushes to remove all control measureswhen Spanish You did well to be more careful.

We started out much safer because we had better treatments, more vaccines. Everything suggests that a multivariate vaccine may arrive, which may not need to be pricked, can be through the nose. If in addition to all this, we see that the epidemiology continues to decline, maybe in spring we can remove all boundariesargued the expert.

Question: Do you mean countries like the UK are in a hurry?

Answer: With the data at hand the UK, who is in some ways worse off than ours, is still too early to take off indoor masks and other measures. We do better, keeping masks indoors at schools and big events.

Q: And what are the consequences of this British decision?

R: I think it could slow things down. Deaths are still huge, more than the flu. You have to be careful. What they will achieve is that the wave decline is slower because they create a contagion situation. It is true that it seems now that the disease is mild but not in all cases. They are ahead of themselves and in terms of public health they are taking political risks because they will slow down the tide, we will do better because we maintain some boundaries.

“Each of us can decide what to do, being aware of the risks it can bring home”

Q: And quarantine, are we in a hurry to shorten it?

R: You have to keep it for 5 or 7 days and if there is an infected person in the house, still have to self-isolate. It continues to be confirmed in all studies that a person is infectious for 3 to 10 days, although the average is 5 to 7 days. It’s better to self-isolate, especially if there are vulnerable people at home.

People have to decide based on whether they have at-risk people at home. If you have been close to someone with cancer, immunosuppression or the elderly; each of us can decide what to do, aware of the risks it can bring home.

“If everything goes as it seems, we can definitely take off the masks in the spring”

Q: Responsibilities that do not eliminate the responsibilities that the authorities should have.

R: If all goes as it seems, we can definitively take off the masks in the spring and live life with almost no limits, but a return to normality shouldn’t reach the authorities. The authorities have a lot of work to do if a new variant comes along. At the national level and in collaboration with the Autonomous Community, it is necessary to prepareplan Bwhich we don’t need to apply.

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