Coronablog – GEMS Chair Erika Vlieghe responds to winter manifesto: “Read our advice before you pass judgment”

Flemish Education Minister Ben Weyts has again appealed not to vaccinate against coronavirus in schools. This will lead to polarization and possible resistance to classic vaccines, such as measles. Student Guidance Centers (CLBs) have also been notified that parents are starting to oppose the regular vaccine. However, various primary schools will be tested, such as in Beveren, Kruibeke and Houthalen-Helchteren.

Vaccinations in schools are not administered centrally, neither from the Flemish government, nor from umbrella organizations, nor from CLBs. But some vaccination centers have decided to do it that way. These include Beveren, Kruibeke, Houthalen-Helchteren and Beringen.

“I don’t want to import those discussions into schools”, Weyts said in parliament after questions from Loes Vandromme (CD&V), Koen Daniëls (N-VA) and Jan Laeremans (Vlaams Belang). “It’s about the right to privacy, but it’s also about discussions that we can actually have without a toothache in the classroom. If you get vaccinated at school, it’s clear to everyone who is vaccinated and who isn’t. Who isn’t vaccinated, may leave. into the study room and get branded. Everything is already so polarized in society, for God’s sake don’t let us import that discussion into our schools now.”

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