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UK minister: Brexit deal adjustments are in law

InternationalrightJun 12 ’22 14:23Authorright BNR Web Editor The UK has not violated any rules by unilaterally changing the bill on the Brexit agreement with the European Union in Northern Ireland. Britain’s Minister for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis assured Sky News

The beautiful story behind the royal jewels

In the beautiful documentary ‘Kungliga Smycken’, Queen Silvia and Princess Victoria open their jewelery vault just once. Behind the glitter and gleam of Sweden there seems to be a beautiful story of love, power and politics. And that intrigued us,

UK minister: Brexit deal adjustments are in law

Northern Ireland’s status after Britain’s exit from the European Union has long been a major political issue. Since Ireland is a member of the EU, customs control over goods must be implemented at the border with Northern Ireland, but this