Canceling an Amazon Prime subscription just got easier

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Canceling a Prime subscription will now be done in just a few clicks, thanks to the European Commission.

Those who wish to cancel their Amazon Prime subscription first have to go through a long and painstaking process with unnecessary steps. That’s now changing. The European Commission has forced Amazon to review its cancellation process and the e-commerce giant has agreed. From now on you can cancel your Prime subscription with just a few clicks.

In 2021, the European and Norwegian consumer associations filed a complaint against Amazon with the European Commission. Amazon makes it difficult for consumers to cancel their paid subscriptions. Amazon, for example, asked them to confirm multiple times that they wanted to cancel their subscription and the menu itself was too confusing, the complaint said. The European Commission then asked Amazon to simplify the cancellation process.

Cancel Prime subscription in two steps

On July 1st, Amazon change requested by, as you can see in the attached screenshot. The changes apply to all Amazon and UK websites in Europe. So whether you have connected your Prime subscription via a Dutch, German or French website, the way you cancel your subscription is the same.

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European Commissioner Didier Reynders is pleased with the changes Amazon is making. “Online subscriptions can be very useful for consumers because connecting a subscription is often very easy. On the other hand, unsubscribing should be just as clear. Consumers should be able to exercise their rights without pressure from the platform.”

Amazon Prime Day 2022

Current Prime subscribers will have to wait a bit longer before canceling their subscription. On July 12 and 13, Amazon will host another annual Prime Day, where you can redeem exclusive discounts if you are a member of the e-commerce platform. There might even be a second edition of the bargain festival in the fall, just before Black Friday. With a Prime subscription, you also get access to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Gaming (including Twitch).

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