British technology deploys satellites for precision agriculture


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British technology companies Origin Digital and Aspia Space announced on Monday that it would be possible to use satellite imagery in precision agriculture. The new ClearSky service feeds field radar data into the network on a regular basis.

This innovation means that farmers using ClearSky are guaranteed to receive an image every six days showing how their crops are developing, regardless of the weather. This is in contrast to traditional weather-dependent images, which can often last for several weeks between cloud-free views.

At any given time, an average of 67 percent of the Earth is covered with clouds. Precision farming systems that rely on capturing clear satellite images at the right time have historically struggled to realize their high potential value. ClearSky eliminates that struggle.

Sixty pictures a year

Analysis by Origin Digital shows that by 2021 the European Space Agency’s widely used Sentinel 2 satellite produced an average of 13 bright images per UK farm. The ClearSky technology developed by Aspia Space uses the technique to produce more than sixty cloud-free images per year.

After launching in the UK, Origin Digital and Aspia Space are deepening their partnership to localize and export the benefits of ClearSky to farmers around the world. They also want to develop more apps to bring innovative data insights to UK agriculture.

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