British Ambassador to Mexico hospitalized for drunkenness during his visit to Mérida

Mérida, Yucatán.-Ambassador of Great Britain, Jon Benjaminis visiting Yucatan and through your social networks Indonesia revealed that he and his family were poisoned by the food they ate on their last day of stay in the entity; Immediately, the Secretary for Tourism Development, Micchel Friddman, requested information about the place where he allegedly ate stale food to open an investigation into the case.

In addition, state officials apologized to the diplomat for the unfortunate incident and wished him a speedy recovery, the ambassador did not give details about the restaurant where he allegedly ate stale food, because he only commented that it was a site located on the Paseo de Montejo.

In this way, the ambassador’s visit great Britain to Yucatan is marked by unexpected events.

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The British Ambassador to Mexico reports on his state of health after suffering severe poisoning with his family in Mérida; Benjamin comments that the hospital admission occurred in Mexico City, after his visit to the Yucatan and after a meal at the Paseo de Montejo.

ask for more details

In response to this, the Secretary of Tourism, Michelle Fridmanrequest details of the case to initiate an investigation into sanitary measures In stance.

“Ambassador, I’m sorry to read this news, I beg you to tell us what happened to take the necessary action. @YucatanTurismo is and must continue to be a destination of reference for its quality and safety, in all aspects, for our visitors. “.

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Although Jon Benjamin did not say how serious his health was, the British ambassador to Mexico said his entire family was drunk.

Benjamin was appointed British Ambassador to Mexico in August last year, following a previous visit to Chile you Ghana.

During his visit to Yucatan, he was able to visit Izamal, Celestn, the coastal port estuary and the Uxmal archaeological zone, among other sites of national and international interest.

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