Boris Johnson wants ‘traditional’ weights and sizes back

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to brighten up Queen Elizabeth’s platinum reign with plans to reintroduce the weights and measures Britain used before joining the European Union. The UK has been a member of the EU from early 1973 to early 2020 and younger Britons may not be happy with traditional measures. But Johnson thought it was “a great idea for British identity,” according to British media.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (ANP / AFP)

Johnson called it “an important step towards re-enforcing our own national rules.” The opposition considers it nostalgic at all to make no sense.

Currently, the metric system is legally required in commerce, so the quantity of a product is expressed, for example, in grams or kilograms or in milliliters or liters. In the old British Empire Standard System, which the United States still uses for measuring and weighing, it is based primarily on yards, 91.4 centimeters, for mass, pounds, 0.453 kg, and gallons, 3.785 for volume. liter).

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There are fourteen pounds in one stone and the pound itself is divided into sixteen ‘ounces’. The system also has fluid ounces for liquids, fluid ounces: 2.84 centimeters. Of those, twenty come in a liter and 160 in a gallon. Johnson did not want to abolish the metric system, but to create a legal framework that would also make the use of traditional units of measurement legal again.

pound sterling

Johnson did not say anything about the pound sterling currency. It has been subdivided into 100 pence since 1971. But it was 240 pence before that. The pound sterling is divided into twenty ‘shillings’ and each shilling contains twelve pence.

This week, the country widely celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th birthday on the throne. For example, there are more than 16,000 street parties in the party schedule, SkyNews reports.

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