Boris Johnson at COO26 – Aviation infuriates:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received harsh criticism. He first arrived at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow with doomsday-like warnings, and is now accused of “astonishing hypocrisy”.

On Tuesday night, Johnson boarded a private plane on a 65-mile journey between Glasgow and London to attend dinner with former colleagues, wrote Security.

This was in stark contrast to the message the Prime Minister, who hosted the UN summit, said in his speech on Monday:

– It’s one minute until midnight. The longer we wait to shop, the worse the outcome will be.

There is an urgent need to do something about climate change, said Johnson, who along with about 130 heads of state and government attended the conference on Monday and Tuesday.

What seemed more pressing was to return to London on Tuesday night.

– One-way ticket to disaster

Go to private men’s club

Johnson didn’t have time to spend four and a half hours on the train as he headed back to the British capital. Instead, he took a private jet. The Prime Minister received initial criticism for this, but was met with a statement from the Prime Minister’s office that Johnson had a “time limit”.

Now it turns out that time limit means dinner at the private men’s club The Garrick Club in London. Here he attended dinner with former colleagues from the Daily Telegraph newspaper, where Johnson had worked as a columnist.

This made Labor politician and Member of Parliament Anneliese Dodds look red.

– This Prime Minister is very hypocritical, he said according to British newspapers.

Following the UK warning: - Worry

Following the UK warning: – Worry

Meet climate skeptics

Johnson is said to have arrived at London Stansted Airport at 7.16pm on Tuesday night, before he headed off to the men’s club.

Later that evening, Johnson was photographed leaving the club, escorted by former editor-in-chief Charles Moore. This throws even more fuel into the fire for those who are now criticizing the Prime Minister.

Moore has been described as a self-proclaimed climate skeptic, as he himself has described the climate crisis as “speculation”. Last week, the former editor wrote an article in the Daily Telegraph in which he claimed that climate scientists had not been able to prove the crisis.

“After warning world leaders that it was one minute past midnight to solve a climate catastrophe, Boris Johnson flew from COP26 to London in a private plane to dine at the men’s club with self-proclaimed climate skeptics,” said Anneliese Dodds.

Moore himself reportedly declined to comment on the meeting.

– Will compensate emission

A spokesman for the Prime Minister has responded to the criticism:

– It is important that the Prime Minister is able to travel around the country, and we are clearly facing a big time constraint.

Another spokesman in the Prime Minister’s Office added that all travel decisions are made with safety and schedule in mind. In addition, it is claimed that Johnson’s private plane is a rather friendly type.

– The Prime Minister travels in one of the most carbon-efficient aircraft of the same size, which uses the most sustainable fuel.

The Prime Minister’s Office also promised that the UK would compensate for all carbon emissions associated with holding COP26, including travel.

“Wake up, Boris”

Silence after pictures

This is not the first time this week Prime Minister Johnson has been criticized in relation to the climate summit. Among other things, he was questioned for being photographed blindfolded during the summit’s official opening ceremony on Monday. Not only that. Unlike most of the people around him, he wasn’t wearing a mask.

The British Prime Minister’s Office once again had to put out the fires. They vehemently deny that Johnson – at any time – slept during the climate summit.

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Johnson is also not the only one accused of napping. US President Joe Biden was also silenced after his blindfolded eyes were caught on video.

Although world leaders have so far left the Scottish capital, the climate summit in Glasgow is far from over. Until mid-November, negotiators from almost all countries in the world will discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement. In addition, a large number of environmental activists, the press and representatives of organizations and businesses participated.

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