Boeing receives pre-approval for delivery of 787 Dreamliner

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Boeing’s plan to inspect and repair construction defects in the fuselage, insiders said. The construction error lies in the connection of the parts of the hull of the box. At that time, holes were found in about twenty places that had not been filled properly.

Check and Approve
FAA approval does not necessarily mean sales of these types of aircraft will increase again. Boeing must first make the necessary repairs. The FAA must then inspect and approve each aircraft separately. According to sources, Boeing aims to resume deliveries of the plane around August 8.

If the planes can be delivered again, Boeing may be able to make up for the previous financial damage from having to hold the planes on the ground. In the second quarter of this year, Boeing achieved significantly lower profits than the previous year, in part due to production problems with the 787 Dreamliner.

Earlier this month, Boeing commercial director Stan Deal said the planemaker plans to ramp up production. With the delivery of the Dreamliners, stocks will drop, he said during the landmark Farnborough air show in the UK.

There, Boeing received more new orders for the first time than rival Airbus, which has done much better over the years. Boeing received orders for 297 aircraft, Airbus only 85 aircraft. Boeing also expects global aviation to require more than 2 million new employees over the next 20 years as its aircraft fleet will double as the pandemic unfolds.

Due to production issues, several finished aircraft were waiting at the factory site, including several 787-10s for KLM. KLM now has eighteen 787s (thirteen 787-9s and five 787-10s, ed.) and ten more 787-10s on the way.

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