Big news from England: government is taking Abramovich and Chelsea hard

The British government cracked down on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, making selling the club a difficult story today. Russian stocks frozen, various British media reports.

Abramovich (55) is one of 42′financial targets or sanctions‘ by the British government and is one of the seven oligarchs it deals with. The main reason for the stock freeze was its relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Abramovich is associated with someone who is or has been involved in destabilizing Ukraine and undermining and threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, namely Vladimir Putin, who is closely related to Abramovich,” he said. .

“This association includes obtaining financial or other material benefits from Putin and the Russian government. This includes tax breaks received by Abramovich-affiliated companies buying and selling shares to and from the state, favorable rates and contracts received ahead of the 2018 World Cup.”

Apart from Abramovich, Chelsea are also affected by the British government’s steps. All trading activity will be stopped, Chelsea won’t even be allowed to sell match tickets anymore. Only season ticket holders can still attend club matches. The sale of merchandise is prohibited and Chelsea are no longer allowed to buy players or sign new contracts. The club is working on a special license so it can still do business, but sales are ongoing stuckAbramovich was no longer allowed to do business from England or even come there.

The pressure on Abramovich has increased tremendously in recent times. He announced the sale of Chelsea and was even in talks with a takeover candidate, but that has been shelved for now.

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