Bever launches the sustainability label Our Planet

With this mark of quality, Bever wants to help customers make more sustainable choices. The quality mark indicates based on five criteria that the product is a more sustainable choice and why.

Not completely sustainable, but still a sign of quality
More than 3,000 products with sustainability labels can be found in Bever stores and webshops. These products have been given the quality mark because, for example, they are made from sustainable or recycled materials, are manufactured in cleaner manufacturing processes or ensure safer working conditions. Amazingly, Bever points out that the mark of quality can also be given to products that are not yet fully sustainably produced. The basic idea is that Bever also believes in a world where things last longer. The product may not always be produced in the most sustainable way, but it is sustainable in use, so that ultimately there is less need to produce.

Not an end in itself
Christian de Jong (pictured), Sustainability & Innovation manager at Bever, points out that Our Planet’s mark of quality is not an end in itself, but part of a larger, sustainable goal: helping consumers use products more sustainably. The outdoor retail chain hopes that Our Planet’s quality mark will help in this regard. De Jong: ‘Outside is good for us. That’s why we are also good for the outdoors. Our love for the great outdoors motivates us every day to make Bever more sustainable. But I must admit that this is not always easy. It challenges yourself every day to do better, because let’s face it: the world won’t look any different tomorrow. We understand. But we also understand that we cannot wait until tomorrow to take action. Therefore, this launch is another important step forward.’

About Beaver
‘Fred van Olphen started Bever in 1977 to encourage people to go outside. The company still has that mission in 2021. We believe that everyone is at their best outside. We find peace, energy, and above all ourselves. Outside is good for us. And that’s why we’re also good for the outdoors. This is where our role lies at the social level. It starts with the right advice from our 800 outdoor experts, so you as a customer always make the right choice. For more information, Click here.’

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