An unexpected and worrying relief from Queen Elizabeth

Concerns in the UK about Queen Isabel. Despite the fact that the king appears to be asymptomatic after coming into contact with Prince Charles after he contracted the coronavirus a second time, his health is rather fragile. At the age of ninety-five, the last months have been difficult for the Queen, who has faced an image crisis due to Prince Andrew’s case and, above all, the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, which for her has been especially difficult. blow. However, the king, who had to take a break a few weeks ago for health reasons, remains deeply committed to his agenda.

Queen Elizabeth in Windsor. / Gtres

Although her actions were scaled back for more than obvious reasons, the Queen’s commitment to the institution was total. We recently saw him in a virtual audience with several ambassadors, and this week he has continued his face-to-face agenda with a meeting at Windsor Castle.

A meeting in one of the rooms of his current residence with the upcoming Minister of Defense, the mayor general Eldon Millarand its predecessor, the Rear Admiral James Macleod. This is his first official appearance in person after Prince Charles and Camilla’s contagion and after learning that Prince Andrew had reached an agreement with Virginia Giuffre over the abuse claims. A problem in which, as noted, the Queen had helped her son economically, so that he could deal with the huge sums claimed by the Americans.

Queen Isabel
Queen Elizabeth in audience. / Gtres

Deeply smiling, wearing a patterned dress and leaning on a scepter due to his mobility difficulties, the king participated in the gathering and once again displayed his great sense of humor. Without losing her smile, the Queen commented with her guest that she had difficulty walking: “As you can see, I can’t move”, he said, pointing at his feet. A few words which, although they tried to play down the matter, had raised concerns for the Queen’s health to a certain extent.

The king, always accompanied by his dogs, once had a funny conversation about the attitude of one of them: “I’ve seen that you have Candy on guard, because when we came down to the hall she wouldn’t let us come near you”, they have told. A laughable and shocking situation for the ruler, who had a penchant for animals. One of the attendees told her the dog growled a little at them, which the Queen assured was odd, as it doesn’t usually growl.

Despite having mobility difficulties, the mother of Charles from England did not lose her sense of humor and remained calm and relaxed throughout the meeting. Although it is unclear when the next engagement will be, it is known that in early March he will hold a reception attended by other members of the royal family.

Queen Isabel
Queen Elizabeth with a wand. / Gtres

Sources from the Royal House have confirmed to various media outlets that the Queen is fine and that she is not bringing any serious problems, other than feeling a little stiff. To be sure now he was accompanied by a cane, something he didn’t need before.

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