Amid the Brexit storm: UK election drawing near

The British Parliament, or House of Commons, is officially dissolved 25 working days before the election.

Before this election, which was this morning, at 00:01. Britons wishing to vote must apply before 25 November.

No-deal Brexit

British political parties participating in the election are expected to publish their election manifestos around 18 November. Prime Minister Boris Johnson went there last weekend advance payment.

Among other things, he promised tax cuts if his Conservative party came to power. A no-deal Brexit was also not discussed in his election manifesto.

No helping hand

Other politicians also make themselves heard. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the largest opposition Labor party, said his party was competing to win the election with a Labor majority. “We are not campaigning to form coalitions with othershe told Reuters news agency.

Liberal Democrat frontman Jo Swinson said at the launch of their election campaign that his party had no intention of helping Corbyn into the saddle. “I completely rule out that we helped him become prime minister.”

British House of Commons dissolved

During the campaign period, House of Commons MPs must give up their seats. If they want to return to parliament, they must run for re-election.

This usually also applies to the chairman. That didn’t happen in this election John Bercow. He retired on October 31. His successor is now also known: Labor politician Lindsay Hoyle.

No Important Announcements

Members of the British House of Lords will resign once the House of Commons is dissolved. They do not have to run for re-election, because they are appointed and are not elected.

The British government continues to work. It is true that during the election period, also known as purdah, the government does not make important policy announcements or make important commitments.

The word purdah originally meant the veil, specifically the veil that women used to cover themselves. In this case it refers to the role of civil servants who are not allowed to take part during the election period and therefore do not make decisions that favor one political party or candidate over another.

Johnson hopes for a new parliament before December 23 come together.

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