Amazing voting facts about the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

You can rate each performance in the app on song, singing quality and acting. If we add up all the numbers, we get a pretty good idea of ​​how the Netherlands went in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Netherlands are pleased with the countries that made it to last night’s final, with the exception of two countries… App users preferred Ireland and Malta in the final, over Finland and Serbia. Especially the last place Serbia came as a big surprise for our small country. Serbia’s action ended with a 4.6 in the lowest place in the app.

Lots of votes for Belgium

Belgium can count on a lot of votes from the Netherlands in Saturday’s final. Jérémie Makiese received the evening’s highest score with 7. Residents from Zeeland and North Brabant in particular gave our southern neighbours high marks. The lowest scores in the three northern provinces.

Sheldon Riley’s singing quality

If the Eurovision Song Contest was purely about singing quality, Australia came out victorious last night. People in their twenties in particular were very positive about Sheldon Riley’s vocals, and gave the singer a whopping 8. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates his acting either, so there’s still potential for improvement on Saturday.


In 2003 The Rasmus scored a hit in the Netherlands with In The Shadows. Nearly 20 years later, they stand for Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest. Funnily enough, they only got permission from a generation that had consciously experienced starting from scratch. However, 5.5 is not something to be proud of, but they are in the final.

Curious what the Dutch think about Georgia’s actions? You can hear it below:

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