Also code red for London and South East England due to hurricane Eunice | NOW

The UK weather service has issued a code red for southeast England (including London) due to Hurricane Eunice. The southwestern part of England had been warned of strong winds the day before. The storm made landfall there Friday morning.

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Britons are being urged to stay at home as storms rage across the country. The Met Office, the British version of KNMI, warns, among other things, of flying objects. With wind speeds of up to 145 kilometers per hour, it can be life threatening.

There are not often code red alerts in the UK for severe weather conditions. Code red has been issued for almost all of the south, in other parts yellow and orange country codes apply. Local media described Eunice as one of the worst hurricanes in three decades.

Storm Eunice comes soon after Storm Dudley, who has been causing disruption in the UK in recent days. As a precaution, schools and outdoor locations were closed on Friday in some parts of the country. Public transport has also been partially closed.

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