£6,000 a month for a British truck driver

£6,000 a month for a British truck driver

driver shortage

The acute shortage of drivers in the UK has prompted a spectacular increase in wages. The company already offers a monthly salary of 6000 pounds (about 7100 euros) for hiring experienced drivers.

This can be seen from the recently completed Deutschen Logistik Congress. For comparison: the average monthly wage of a truck driver in Germany is 2,623 euros, while a novice driver in the Netherlands can count on around 2,100 euros.

Incidentally, it’s not just drivers who can earn high wages in the UK. Experienced customs officers are hard to find in this country and can earn around £10,000 per month at the top, including separate bonuses. That equates to about 12,000 euros.

Since Brexit, the UK government has been diligent in seeking adequate customs personnel. Thousands of them are needed to guard the new customs border with the EU.

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