Accidental Theatre presents FAKE I.D.

Accidental Theatre presents FAKE I.D.

12 – 13 Shaftesbury Square • 10 & 11 November

Written and performed by Joseph Nawaz • Directed by Emily Foran

Fresh from an acclaimed sold-out run at the Belfast Comedy Festival, Fake I.D., returns for two nights in November at Accidental Theatre!

It’s difficult to fit in when your dad sticks out like a brown thumb and even you aren’t sure how to EXACTLY pronounce your surname.

Growing up in a mixed-race, mixed-faith household at the height of the Northern Irish troubles, writer Joseph Nawaz takes us through some old family snapshots, and his childhood years in 80s and 90s Belfast. Expect excruciating revelation, some confusion as to the actual direction of Mecca from Balmoral Avenue plus finally solving the age-old riddle of what the difference is between a Protestant Muslim and a Catholic Muslim.

Running through it all, like a stick of cardamom-flavored rock, is Joe’s complicated relationship with his Pakistani father, whose sudden, untimely demise precipitated a trip to Pakistan and some surprising discoveries.

Funny, sometimes poignant evening, about a struggle with family and identity in a cold social climate, not to mention the impossibility of a halal Ulster Fry.

 Tickets are £10 and available at

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