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Completely Folk’d | CultureHUB Book Review

The Black Staff Press | Laurence Donaghy

“Completely Folk’d” is the concluding book in Laurence Donaghy’s sci-fi trilogy. Ireland is the battle ground for a war between the Celtic god of war Morrigan and her Greek rival and demi-god Carmen. The battle spills into the present day and as the other world and Ireland merge, Ireland is literally ripped from the face of the earth. Belfast descends into armageddon, as flesh eating fairie hordes rampage through the Belfast streets. One man is charged with preventing the impending calamity, Danny Morrigan, descendant of the Celtic god of war. This is not a sci-fi tale for the faint hearted; it’s soaked in Belfast gritty humour. Love is fierce, friendships are feisty and women are ferocious, as belies their status in Celtic myth. The plot hinges around the patriarchal relationships in both modern and other world families, with cracked story-lines spitting and bubbling with mistrust and loathing. The book thunders along at breakneck speed, weaving in and out of time periods and worlds as the trilogy reaches its conclusion. Laurence has not only written a hugely entertaining sci-fi story, he is a dynamic dialogue writer, both witty and incisive. The modern suburban sci-fi cityscape he paints has a Dr Who feel about it. I recommend reading from the start of the trilogy to experience the full effect.

D. Twain



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