The Chainsmokers | Review

The Chainsmokers | Review

Belsonic, Belfast •  26 June 2017

By Chantelle Frampton • Photos: Tremaine Gregg

Never have I seen so much glitter, face paint and Coachella chicness at a gig in Belfast. On Tuesday night, the American duo played to an extremely excited crowd as part of Belfast’s Belsonic festival. The pair boast collaborations with artists such as Daya, Coldplay and Halsey and have made a huge name for themselves since their 2014 hit ‘#Selfie’. On Tuesday, they proved they can well and truly hold a huge crowd with their DJ set and their unique remixes and multiple collaborations.

Preceding The Chainsmokers was English singer/songwriter Anne-Marie. She has risen to undeniable popularity when she lent her vocals to Clean Bandits number one hit ‘Rockabye’. She completely owned the stage in her pink combat pants and black crop top, also opting to wear a pair of sunglasses, although I would have loved to have seen the weather she was expecting as we were all starting to get royally drenched at this part of the evening.

Anne-Marie sang a variety of tracks on her set such as ‘Ciao Adios’, ‘Alarm’ and of course how could she not sing everyone’s favourite ‘Rockabye’? Anne-Marie had an incredible effortlessness and confidence about her as she put everything into her set. It is not easy to keep the attention of a huge crowd before the main headliners as everyone is scrambling for drinks and chatting. Anne-Marie did not have a problem with this as the majority of us were engrossed in her flawless vocals and stage presence.

After Anne-Marie left the stage, anticipation was growing amongst the Belfast crowd. The Chainsmokers didn’t just walk onto the stage, they suavely gave us a show from their arrival. They looked so calm and collected you’d think they were playing an intimate venue as opposed to a large festival. From the get-go they had everyone dancing, singing, jumping, you name it.

They played the standard crowd pleasers such as ‘Closer’, ‘Something Just Like This’ and ‘Paris’. They also ensured there were some surprises for us as they did their own rendition of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. Naturally the liveliness of the crowd was immense and did not go unnoticed. At multiple points throughout their set, they were thanking Belfast and even referenced wanting to move here due to the crowd (I think a few teenage girls swooned a bit at this one).

Their set from start to finish can be summed up in one adjective – energetic. This was juxtaposed between both Alex and Andrew and the crowd. Their set was rife with sing-a-long belters, fireworks, confetti, everything you can think of. When I used to imagine Ormeau Park I thought of a nice tranquil place to walk the dog. Now I think of it as Ibiza-light. The Chainsmokers brought a phenomenal show to Belfast and it seemed they enjoyed it just as much as we did.

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