CultureHUB Magazine | Eclectic NI For YOU

CultureHUB Magazine | Eclectic NI For YOU

CultureHUB Magazine has just turned two years old!

Stacy Fitzpatrick sums up the story so far.

Founded in late 2014 by a small team from varying backgrounds, they had an ambition to produce a high quality publication of culture and events locally, and to make this available for free to the public.

Originally personalised to Belfast with a vision to highlight the rich cultural tapestry, the magazine and its web and Facebook sites now cover the whole of Northern Ireland in its content with a print run of 10,000 and a readership exceeding 80,000. With a team of dedicated contributors including journalists, photographers and designers, all passionately highlighting and exploring topics such as local music, literature, comedy, community customs and arts in all their formats, the magazine and i’s brand are well established across the North.

Each issue of CultureHUB is available in full via the website, and between issues there is a constant and steady stream of previews, reviews and interviews on the website and through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.


The workload that goes into what CultureHUB produces is rigorous and meticulous to bring words and images to our readers. From arranging and conducting interviews and photoshoots or researching topics, transcribing, drafting and editing content and images, proofreading, designing and publishing content, there are long hours that go into bringing it all together in time for print and posting on the web, not to mention the distribution of the latest issues across Northern Ireland. What many don’t realise is that all this work has been carried out without payment for all of the CultureHUB team, without any expenses, so that CultureHUB remains free to all. Thus far, any revenue gained from advertising goes to produce the print issue and to maintain the offices and related costs.

Despite this personal investment of time, energy and money, everyone at CultureHUB takes pride in supporting the people and organisations whom we feature, championing talent, worthy organisations and showcasing the cultural greatness of NI.

So it is an enormous achievement to declare that after just two years, CultureHUB magazine became finalists in two categories at this year’s Irish Magazine Awards. Beating off competition from over 150 other nationwide magazines, CultureHUB was nominated for Best Consumer Magazine Of The Year and Best Design Team Of The Year. The magazine awards have been held annually in Dublin for the past 16 years with publications among the most established and long running on the island. For CultureHUB to gain two finalist accreditations is a firm testament to the dedication, quality and vigour upon which the magazine prides itself.




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