Want To Look Clever? Read Noel Stevenson’s Top Ten CQAF Shows

Want To Look Clever? 

Read Noel Stevenson’s Top Ten CQAF Shows … You’re Welcome.

Photo: Gerry McNally

Noel Stevenson, Northern Ireland’s elder statesman of good music and arts, attended 433 shows last year. 143 of those were music. 60 were classical and choral. 34 were theatre shows, and the remaining 196 were ‘other’. We’ll leave it up to you to work out what those ‘others’ were.

Words & Ideas, Theatre and Sound & Vision : Animated Programme

He has taken time out of his busy schedule to peruse the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival 2017 programme with his discerning nose and keen eye for the great, the original, and the unmissable.

Comedy, Special Events, Visual Arts: Animated Programme

He’s been kind enough to curate a list of the festival’s Top Ten shows that deserve your attention.

Music: Animated Programme

So, in no particular order….

Breathe – The Pink Floyd Experience: Friday 28 April
He says, “You may not believe me, but I have seen Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett. This is a
very suitable alternative.” [Noel has actually seen Pink Floyd twice, once with Syd, one without].

Booker T Jones
 Sunday 30 April.
Noel says, “The Grandmaster of funk, who deserves all the accolades heaped upon him.”

Linton Kwesi Johnson
: Monday 01 May.

Noel says, “Reggae poetry with lots and lots of attitude.”


Kila: Monday 01 May.
Noel says, “Traditional folk? No. This is folk with rock and roll attitude.”


The Comet Is Coming: Wednesday 03 May.
Noel says, “Shabaka Hutchings and his band will transport you to a planet far far away. This will
be rocket propelled.”


Josienne Clark and Ben Walker: Wednesday 03 May.
He says, “Guitar driven folk featuring the lady compared to Sandy Denny.”


William Basinski: Friday 05 May.
He says, “Beautiful ambient electronica, perfect for a Friday evening.”


Emily Barker: Saturday 06 May.
He says, “She could be Americana. She could be blue. She’s brilliant.”


Roger McGough: Saturday 06 May.

Noel says, “The Mersey wordsmith comes to the Marquee.”


John Murry: Saturday 06 and 07 May.

[6 May sold out. Tickets for extra show on 7th now available]
Noel says, “Nobody does heartache better.”

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