Beckett Women: Ceremonies of Departure | Preview

Beckett Women: Ceremonies of Departure | Preview

The MAC, Belfast • 02 – 12 November 2017

The Immersive world of Beckett arrives at the MAC. Samuel Beckett’s most powerful short plays brought to the MAC stage

This November go along down to the MAC to immerse yourself in the world of Samuel Beckett. With 11 shows throughout the month, you can experience an evening or afternoon of drama by one of the world’s most influential Irish writers.

Brought to the MAC by the historic Boston-based theatre company The Poets’ Theatre, Beckett Women: Ceremonies of Departure will showcase four of Beckett’s most powerful short plays, including; Not I, Footfalls, Rockaby and Come & Go.

Beckett Women: Ceremonies of Departure is directed by Associate Harvard Professor Bob Scanlan, a personal friend of the playwright who is considered to be one of the world’s greatest interpreters of Beckett’s work.

Beckett speaks eloquently of the human condition like no other playwright and these four short plays exclusively feature female characters. It is played with a three-woman cast; Sarah Newhouse, Amanda Gann and Carmel O’Reilly who deliver a beautiful and thought-provoking performance of world-class poetry that will touch on longing, loss and love. Described by Beckett as “dramaticules”, these plays are so short that they are rarely performed.

Director Bob Scanlan had a fruitful personal relationship with Beckett and his many interpretations of Beckett’s performance carry a unique stamp of his personal rapport with the author.

Director Bob Scanlan, said: “We’re delighted to bring Beckett Women all the way from Boston to the MAC in Belfast. Grouping the plays as we have, as four distinct “Ceremonies of Departure,” gives them a striking identity that reveals a new relation, each to the other, leading to a new understanding of the final ensemble piece (Come and Go) which the play has never had when standing alone.”

 Simon Magill, Creative Director at the MAC, adds: “I met with Bob Scanlan quite a few years back and discussed the idea of a Boston/Belfast Beckett cooperation, so it is brilliant to see these plans come to fruition, especially as Belfast strengthens its relationship with Boston as a Sister City.

 “The Poets’ Theatre is a perfect addition to the MAC programme; demonstrating its versatility and our concerted effort to bring audiences the best artistic performances, both locally and globally, to life on our stage.

 “The production marks the beginning of an ongoing meaningful artistic exchange between Boston and Belfast and for further exploration of Beckett’s work on the national, European, and global stage.”  

Beckett Women: Ceremonies of Departure is an international partnership project which furthers the MAC’s commitment to enhancing Belfast’s growing national and international reputation as a culturally vibrant city. As the city progresses its joint bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2023, this is the kind of project that will increase Belfast’s chances of securing the designation. The MAC’s artistic programmes are made possible due to National Lottery and public funding through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council.

Tickets for Beckett Women: Ceremonies of Departure are now on-sale at and priced from £12.50 – £25.

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