HEY YOU! | Interview & Preview

HEY YOU! | Interview & Preview

By James-Alexander Johnson

Sluggish? Forgetful? Another 4am of Absinthe and Amazon? Writer and Director Joseph Nawaz launches Best-Selling Author and Brazen, Braces-Tugging Yanky Life Coach Brad Peelawn (Aaron Hickland). Hey You! Is a biting satire on consumerism and a terrifying glance at another crooked salesman that may be the next US President in a gut-busting tour-de-force. CultureHUB have a yarn with Joe and his deliciously vile creation.

Joe, how did you and Brad Peelawn meet?

Joe: Brad and I really met when Aaron Hickland combed his hair back, donned a pair of ludicrous braces and rendered flesh and bone what had previously been my feverish post-capitalist consumerist nightmares. It is a remarkable transformation. Aaron is a lovely, unassuming, inquisitive lad, whereas Brad, in all his vacuum-packed certainty is vile. Deliciously vile.

What do you think of Joe Nawaz, Brad? 

Brad: Who? Hahaha no we go way back. He’s a great guy that…Nuwuz? Fantastic. Next question.

 And how are you finding NI? 

Brad: Oh wow. Just fantastic. There’s so little to do and it’s spread so far out – great for the legs! And the bars – wow! – not that I drink! Do you know how much carbs are in a pint?!

 What have you noticed about NI men?

Brad: Chest hair! There’s definitely less belly fat around the male belly over here – but that’s not to say there’s higher levels of testosterone in NI – or Norn Iron’ as you guys say! – And that’s why I’m here.

How can we be more like Brad Peelawn? 

Brad: What a fantastic question. It’s such a simple answer. Get a computer. Log on to the Brad Peelawn Academy Website and order from my fantastic range. Whammy!

Thoughts on Donald Trump? 

Brad: He’s created the best jobs, with the best people. And those best people have built the incredible buildings that he owns. I’ve made a lot of money. I’m very successful. I’ve read a lot of books. So has Donald.


Does Brad see the world much differently than Joe Nawaz?

Joe: Like all the best charlatans, there’s a part of Brad that believes his own essential lie. Brad divides the world into schmucks who need his help, and schmucks who don’t realise that they need his help. The irony of course may be that he might himself fall into the latter category. And that’s where Brad and I differ: I definitely need help.

What do braces say about a man? 

Brad: Elegance, class, and brimming with testosterone.

What are us gluttonous, Guinness-slugging hallions going to take from Hey You!?

Brad: Expect the unexpected. That is, toss all your expectations out the proverbial window. But not all of them! Because then nothing will be expected and you won’t be expecting the unexpected. So expect it, but don’t be too surprised when you’re surprised.

Joe: They’ll laugh at how ridiculous and susceptible we all essentially are. They’ll gasp. They’ll be unsettled by the Peelawn experience and the raw human chaos behind the shiny mask. And there’ll be guaranteed weight loss. If the endless convulsive laughter doesn’t burn sufficient calories, the Brad Peelawn Executive Diet Cluster Plan will.

Accidental Theatre presents Hey You!  09 November – 11 November, 4th Floor, Wellington Buildings, Wellington Street.

Get tickets here.


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