PR!CK | Theatre Preview

PR!CK  | Theatre Preview

A Shot Glass Theatre Production as part of the Belfast Film Festival

Black Box • Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 April ’16

PR!CK is the uneasily entitled latest production from the Shot Glass Theatre Company. CultureHUB has been informed that for its composition, writers John Patrick Higgins and Joe Nawaz inhabited a caravan (“Withnail-like”) in Donegal for 3 days, imbibed in some bottled grapes, and duly penned the soon to be performed PR!CK. Due to be staged in the Black Box 16 and 17 April, this is a very straight-forward and easy to describe play.

Like most dramas, it pays homage to 1970’s British Horror films (e.g. The Night DiggerThe Vampire Lovers) and sex comedies (e.g. Confessions of a Window CleanerThe Ups and Downs of a Handyman) by enacting a retrospective celebration of the work of the famous Rod Chineham (google him) who starred in many similar films and even appeared on TV’s Whodunnit?

The production involves a cinematic legacy event hosted by Lucy Louche with Rod himself along with his former director Peter Duffer; the audience serves as the attendees. It turns out that Rod is actually a good actor who could have done some great work, but his career is stuck in this cult following, and he hates nearly everything to do with this event, except the money and Ms. Louche’s curves.

Expect a deli’s worth of gags on the defining male appendage, but be prepared for incisive commentary on male attitudes, uncomfortable truths and challenges on how and why questionable values and behaviours are venerated and propagated through our love of nostalgia.  

Scott Boldt

Admission £7. For further information visit Shot Glass Facebook_A3-poster-Pr!ckFurther reading: Voices Off Review / The Affectionate Punch Review / Three Strikes Review / The Belfast Film Festival

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