Accidental Theatre presents: Gordon Osràm’s Funeral

Accidental Theatre presents: Gordon Osràm’s Funeral 

EXTENDED DATES • Thurs, 24 March & Sat, 26 March ’16

Riddell’s Warehouse, Ann Street, Belfast 

Gordon Osràm’s Funeral by Dave Kinghan and produced by Accidental Theatre, is a multimedia play is based on the life and work of the internationally-renowned performance artist, Gordon Osram.

With a career spanning more than three decades, Osram has spent the last few years out of the spotlight. Now, the reclusive has now crafted his own ‘funeral’: an exhibition celebrating his career and resulting in an original performance piece – one last great work of art.

Audiences will find themselves in a performance retrospective tracing the path of the elusive Osram’s life and work, featuring videos, photographs, ‘interventions’ and interactive exhibits.

This play is not just a question for artists, but for all of us: how do we want to be remembered? What is our legacy? Exploring issues around identity, it challenges us to consider what stops us from being the fullest version of who we are.

Who is it for? Everyone!

 Tickets: £13 although you can buy a gallery ticket and be a gallery staff member for the night OR be part of a camera crew staff – YOU CHOOSE YOUR EXPERIENCE!

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