Scene But Not Herd | New Book Release

Scene But Not Herd | New Book Release

Author: Gerry McShane

Launch Date: Wednesday 22 February 2017, The John Hewitt Bar, Belfast, 8.15pm.

Local author Gerry McShane is pleased to announce the release of his new book ‘Scene But Not Herd’. The book follows a young boy’s forthright and unflinching recollection of the hardships of growing up as the runt of the litter in a working-class family in the Falls Road area of Belfast. It offers a snapshot of both the innocence and adversity of life in Belfast just before the eruption of The Troubles. Scene But Not Herd not only richly evokes the brutality, love and crude humour of the era, but also captures the courageous spirit and gentleness of a people who had the odds unfairly stacked against them.

Irwin Baker (Gerry McShane) was born in an area of the Falls Road known as ‘The Loney’ in 1957, the youngest of a family of fourteen. Due to redevelopment of the area the family moved to Andersonstown in 1968. All five of his brothers and three of his sisters emigrated between the late 1950’s and early 1970’s and only three returned to settle in Belfast.  He spent his working life teaching on the Falls Road. In latter years he has taught part time in Dunmurry, a village on the outskirts of Belfast. He has two grown-up children, who have now flown the nest and left himself and his wife to occupy a modest semi detached house in West Belfast. They both enjoy the simple pleasures of life; good food, a nice bottle of dry white wine and most importantly their very boisterous grandchildren. He is most relieved that there isn’t a quiet daydreamer among them.

Author Gerry McShane comments, “Scene But Not Herd walks the reader through the streets of ‘The Loney’ to experience its sights, sounds, smells and traditions. Old friends walk and talk one more time, their caustic humour punching at you from the pages. Don’t worry if you’re not from The Loney; the cast of characters is the same as in The New Lodge, Sandy Row, The Bone or The Shankill. The scenes depicted are written with warmth, humour and total honesty; no air brushing or sugar coating.”

Gerry will be hosting a FREE reading event and Q&A session at the John Hewitt bar on Wednesday 22 Feb at 8.30pm


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