The Coronas | Review

The Coronas  | Review

The Ulster Hall  •  Tuesday 06 December 2016

By Liz & Carole Kerr

The Ulster Hall saw the return of The Coronas on Tuesday 06 December 2016 to an impressive crowd both on the floor and the balcony, The Coronas are an Irish rock indie alternative band who started out in 2003  And with Thee  Mary Black being Danny O’Reilly’s mother this band is destined for big and better things with that wealth of inherited talent .

The support act of the evening was David C McClements a young Belfast based  guy going places with a gorgeous  clear acoustic voice first song I’m Still Alive grabbed the audiences attention and finished with This Is The End from his album The Longest Day in History.

The Venue filled up fast for the prompt arrival of The Coronas onto the stage  to a very warm welcome from his audience and a loud “How’s it goin’ Belfast” from a very relaxed Danny the lead singer, he headed straight to the piano and gave us his first song of the night with laser style light  beams high up on the stage ceiling   criss crossing and dancing  creating a festival feeling, changing colour to the beat and timbre tones, all of which were mesmerising to watch very simple but effective. The room lent its self well to the sound which was clear and at a very listenable volume and delightfully you could feel the vibrations under your feet causing an  kundalini rising effect .

The Band certainly didn’t need  any long introductions with 5 Studio Albums  already  tried and tested most recent of which is  All The Others  released this year .


Their first Album Heroes or Ghosts 2007 got them acknowledged and raised their profile in the local music scene And with Tony is an ex Con winning Best Irish Album 2010 with Meteor Awards against some very established talent such as U2’s  [No Line On The Horizon]  and Snow Patrol’s [ Up To Now] and having shared stages with superstars like Elton John, Justin Timberlake and Bon Jovi these guys are never going to be in the shadows, they have already played a never ending list of sold out gigs in many of the well know Venues including Belsonic, Marley park, Oxygen festival, Brisbane, and their home turf 3 Arena. Dublin. I suppose that’s what  made it feel even more humbling  that he  visited  our relatively  small Ulster Hall  last night  even with their mission To be as big as they can be ,something  O’Reilly has said in a past interview.

Unlike his first time playing in Belfast in The Limelight  he told us there was almost as many audience as band members ,which i find hard to believe given the talent this band oozes.

You could tell the lead singers fitness levels were exceptional, this may partly  be due to his sporting background playing GAA and  most recently with the London Shamrocks by the way he  moved from instrument to instrument like a full back mid game,with out effort playing a simple piano which was side on mid stage, he didn’t have a lot of room to move as the area was packed with percussion gear most of which was  Dimples Dave’s aka Dave Phillips collection of  guitars in which he changed like the ladies of the night change their customers! Conor Egan done a slick  accomplished job on the drums, the  keyboard player seemed visually to be  was lost in the shadow of the stage  but certainly not as a musician.

The Audience were quite quiet and reserved and singing quietly when the gig started  then with the bandchanging the components of the different frequencies every time they swapped their instruments, you could hear the pop and Celtic influences that got the heart rates pumping also the  acoustic mellowness at times was very enjoyable and soothed our pulses  “Dreaming again” From the album Closer To You had a real Celtic feel to it and not a Bodrun in sight! Graham Knox the bass player is getting married next week so Danny dedicated the beautiful song What a Love from the album The Long Way to him, Graham got some very Raucous cheers form the gigsters and Danny asked us to hug the person beside us during the song, it didn’t matter if that person was a stranger, unfortunately we wer’nt standing that close to anybody or received any  offers,  next time i must make sure i get on the stage for that one.


The crowd started to warm up and request their favourite songs so the Guys gave us Warm from the Album  Tony was an ex Con and that got us singing and swaying  creating a very at homely atmosphere. Dave and Danny sang Tell me Again together, i must say it was awesome and almost my favourite of the night. The Long Way  had the room creating more noise with their delight  and showing off all of our amazing voices, Just Like That was another famous track to keep us happy and to see Danny with out an instrument just with the mic was quite a personal  touch he brought that song alive, and praised us Belfast for being beautiful,  it HAD to be our singing we were not all stunners tho we had a huge amount of young 20/30 something’s who were very attractive. and the odd older couple and individual enjoying and dancing and canoodling depending on the lyrics and company, in our case.!  Get Loose {A new song possibly for that next album they are working on at the moment} was an invite very few were able to resist! Someone else’s Hand played by the handsome Mr.O’Reilly  on the piano was superb, a dream of a song to have on any playlist ,just  beautiful made even more so with his rich melted chocolate voice  yum yum definitely a favourite.

At the end of the night the audience were not for  letting The Coronas go home that easily and Stomped clapped and sang for an encore and what an encore they got, Danny came back on the stage holding his phone recording his admirers it would have been hard to miss them the noise we were making, the atmosphere was highly excited.

He served us San Diego song, even the balcony groupies were on their feet using up the last  of their energy clapping, singing and bouncing  showing they obviously didn’t suffer from vertigo.

,Danny  thanked his great crew, the Ulster Hall management for taking such good care of them and last on his thank- you list was ourselves, to be honest i don’t think any of us needed thanked we were grateful they came so we could enjoy the experience of them first hand again.

He finished with a promise to be back next summer and then they were gone, leaving a buzz in the air!. We can be sure their venue in 2017 will be even bigger to accommodate their followers… see you there.



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