2020: World Of War | Verbal Arts

2020: World Of War | Verbal Arts

A Belfast Book Book Festival Fringe Event

Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast • Saturday 08 July ’17

A special Belfast Book Festival Fringe Event featuring one of the authors of 2020: World of War, Kingsley Donaldson, who will be in conversation with Seamus McKee.

2020: World of War is a timely book that addresses issues at the forefront of public consciousness including terrorism, international warfare, cyber bullying, climate change and much more.

The year is 2020 and civilisation is on the verge of a Third World War.

Will the Russian invasion of the Artic trigger the military response called for in the NATO treaty?

Will the simultaneous Chinese cyber-attack on the Pentagon cripple the world’s biggest military machine?

Who’s arming the refugees in the migrant camps on the shores of the Mediterranean?

What’s happening in space?

From cyber security to weapons technology, from economics to robotics, from geopolitics to undercover operations, 2020: World of War will offer us a compelling account of the shape our world will take in future.

Told through a number of gripping scenarios, all reality-based, all using the authors’ experience and inside knowledge of the way the world works, whether inside the Pentagon or on the front line of international conflict, this book is a must for everyone who wants to understand what our future looks like.

The Authors

 Paul Cornish served in the British army and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before completing his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge. Until 2016 he was research group director for Defence, Security & Infrastructure at RAND Europe in Cambridge.

Kingsley Donaldson is a retired Army officer. He has served on operations in a number of European and Middle Eastern countries in various roles that span from countering weapons of mass destruction through to negotiating with armed groups in Iraq. He is the Director of the Causeway Institute for Peace-building Conflict Resolution International.


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