Picture This + support LANY / John Gibbons | Review

Picture This + support LANY / John Gibbons  | Review

Belsonic, Belfast • Sunday 17 June ’18

Words: Emer Dooris • Photography: Tremaine Gregg

The Sunday night of Belsonic was an eclectic mix of visuals and sounds starting with a massive of booming DJ set right through to crowd-pleasing love songs. The headliners Picture This claimed that this was going to be the best Belsonic nights so far. I have to agree – the guys certainly made themselves heard. Having supported The 1975 at last year’s Belsonic, their set reflected the quick rise of this talented duo; whilst also staying humble and thanking the crowd throughout.

John Gibbons kicked off proceedings when he took to the stage shortly after 6.30pm, with floor fillers and feel-good vibrations. The Ormeau Park venue transformed when Gibbons began the set on a high. The sunshine actually appeared behind the ominous grey skies when Gibbons started to play his hit ‘Sunglasses in the Rain’. Perfectly timed for this Northern Irish summer evening.

The majority of the audience were young, although there were older music lovers (like myself) in the mix. Everyone was indeed making the most of their Sunday!  Us energetic spectators couldn’t resist Gibbons pop/dance hits and when commanded to jump we couldn’t resist.

LANY an indie took to the stage in a tie-dyed T-shirt covered in logos introducing themselves as being natives of LA. As well as stating: “you may not have heard of us, as this is only our second time in the country but you will remember us”. I would describe LANY as having an old school 1975 vibe, think back to when they first hit the scene and had that 80’s pop vibe. With lyrics about “pretty faces but empty souls and thrift store fashion with perfect tattoos”, I felt the audience become invested in these thoughts and guitar riffs. They encouraged the crowd throughout and in reward the audience danced and clapped along.

Back to the headliners: Picture This the Irish pop-rock duo wowed the crowd last night. Jimmy Rainsford and Ryan Hennessy started the “best ever Belsonic show” with a blast of confetti and smoke machines. Declaring their love for Belfast and a Belfast crowd the launched into a steady round of hits including ‘This Morning’ and ‘Let’s be Young’ dedicated with a giggle to the MILFs and cougars in the crowd … After a rousing singalong and a rendition of Ole ole ole, the band continued with love song 95 named after the year the lead singer was born before launching into a crowd favourite ‘Take my hand’.  With drum solos, more smoke and confetti the gig came to a close and what was four hours in Ormeau Park felt like it was over in a matter of minutes. Congrats to Belsonic on another fantastic night.


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