Feeder | Review

Feeder | Review

The Limelight, Belfast • 23 March ’18

Emer Dooris • Photos: Marta Janiszewska

Feeder returned to Belfast this week with their The Best of Tour and it was as expected a nostalgic trip through the bands 21 years of hits. I felt I was back being a teenager in my converse as I bounced along in the dark of the Limelight, it was pure unadulterated escapism and I loved it!

The set list played on the bands strengths and audience favourites and hit singles featured. However some songs had a few new twists (mainly vocals with a different feel and more guitar riffs) and even with a couple of technical difficulties thrown into the experience it was a great night, after all these things happen when you are live. The sold out crowd swelled and bounced to hits from the opening number Feeling A Moment and Shatter right through until Grant Nicholas and co left the stage.

Noted performances from the night which got the biggest cheers, singsongs and admiration had to be Piece by Piece, Just the way I’m feeling and the bands best known song Buck Rodgers (which to be honest we all would have been very disappointed if it hadn’t been played).

Nicholas dedicated track Piece By Piece from the bands 2001 album Echo Park to John Lee. Lee was the bands drummer until his death in 2002. Explaining Piece by Piece was one of the last songs recorded with the drummer the band broke into the song with gusto and the audience responded. It brought a lump to my throat as the band played and the audience, applauded.

The gig went by in a blur of sweat tears and rock n roll. I and I’m sure all the assembled audience members felt like we had witnessed something special an intimate gig which felt like the Phoenix rising from the flames with the band reminding us just how good they have been and how much they have evolved as well as how amazing they are right now. It was truly one of those gigs that you just had to be there.




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