Paloma Faith | Review

Paloma Faith | Review

The SSE Arena, Belfast • 23 March ’18

Emer Dooris • Photos: Tremaine Gregg

Paloma Faith brought her very pink, very sparkly and pretty much out of this world tour to Belfast’s SSE Arena on Friday and she left the audience wide mouthed. The little blonde fierce songstress wowed with her amazing voice and her political views. I hadn’t realised how much of an activist she has become. The gig supporting her new album The Architect is the first tour by the singer since her maternity leave and it seems the singer has missed having an audience as she sang and told stories of her past and current life situations.

The crowd (which was mixed but predominantly older) were at first a little subdued and quiet. Which was shocking as it was a Friday night but once Faith started blasting out the big hits they were happily up on there feet dancing along. Especially when she ventured into the seated section and enabled fans to take selfies and get up close and personal.

Faith took the opportunity to speak on all things she covers on her The Architect album even covering her controversial WW3 track which she dedicates to President Trump getting a round of applause from the audience.

My favourite tracks of the night had to be her track Changing with Sigma which really showcased the singer as a triple threat singing dancing and performing on her playground of a set before disappearing through a trap door before returning for her last three songs. And my favourite song Only Love Can Hurt Like This which was note perfect and beautiful.

It was an unusual Friday night spent with the talented quirky Londoner and her funky band but I for one can’t wait to see what she does next.



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