Stereophonics | Review

Stereophonics | Review

The SSE Arena, Belfast • 15 March ’18

Emer Dooris • Photos: Tremaine Gregg

Stereophonics returned to Belfast this week with a set that was guaranteed to thrill fans new and old. The band made the audience smile, bounce, cheer, dance and sing their hearts out. They played for two hours covering songs from over their 21 years from all 10 albums and it was something which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and left me hoarse.

Production values were high as the audiovisuals, lighting and stage props guided the audience through different eras, music videos and locations of the Stereophonic story.

Kelly Jones appeared in the middle of the audience on the extended stage kicking off the set with song ‘Chances Are’ and from this first song onwards, the audience were eating out of his hand.

Fan favourites ‘Have A Nice Day’, ‘Graffiti on the Train’, ‘Pick a Part’ and my personal favourite ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ where all included in the set and sing-alongs became part of the performance. With every member of the audience being able to sing along to their favourite tune.

Every time I see Stereophonics they remind me why I go to see Live bands. To see real talented musicians at work. Jones and Co embody the garage band that has done well but are very humble. They play along with the audience getting us to cheer, lift our hands, wave and thoroughly enjoy the night.

They had a few surprises in store as well and every member of the band has their moment in the spotlight including drummer Jamie Morrison’s who’s drum solo was epic!! After 25 plus songs including a fantastic acoustic set, they ended the night with ‘Dakota’ along with another amazing light show. The Scream Above The Sounds tour is the ultimate night out for any music lover if you’ve never seen Stereophonics or are their biggest fan you will love this tour.


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