#SaveCQ to speak at Belfast City Council Planning Committee Pre-Determination Hearing

#SaveCQ to speak at Belfast City Council Planning Committee Pre-Determination Hearing

The #SaveCQ campaign group, which has been galvanising public awareness of the current Royal Exchange development proposal in Belfast city centre over the past 12 months, has secured a Pre-Determination Hearing before Belfast City Council Planning Committee on Tuesday 13 February.

Rebekah McCabe, chair of #SaveCQ said:

“Whether or not to grant a Pre-Determination Hearing is at the discretion of the Belfast City Council Planning Committee, and in this case, it deemed that the significance of the proposed development and the number of objectors – over 4,000 to date – were sufficient grounds to approve the hearing. It is only the second time that this has happened since the council received planning powers in 2015.

#SaveCQ has been working on this campaign for almost a year now and our team of architecture, planning and urban development experts has put together an extremely robust case, based on material planning considerations, to argue against granting planning permission for the proposal in its current form.  We welcome the opportunity, along with colleagues from Ulster Architectural Heritage, to present our evidence to the planning committee before it formally considers this phase of the redevelopment proposal on Thursday 15 February.”

The Pre-Determination Hearing takes place on Tuesday 13 February at 4pm in City Hall.  Seating at this public event will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Additional standing room will be available. 

For further information on the #SaveCQ campaign and how you can make a difference, visit savecq.wordpress.com  


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