Still Alone in her Voices / Screwloose | Exhibition

Join the Arts & Disability Forum for LNAB on Thursday 01 February to celebrate the first official day of Spring, and our latest exhibition: Gobscure’s Still Alone in her Voices / Screwloose

The Arts & Disability Forum is pleased to present Still Alone in her Voices / Screwloose, a haunting and at times darkly funny exhibition of visual poetry, film and sculptural pieces by the Newcastle-based self-taught artist, performer and writer Gobscure.

Born from Gobscure’s experiences of psychosis, still alone in her voices is a moving and provocative look, in Gobscure’s own words, at how “we too are constantly being erased & having to write ourselves back in”. Comprised of large white wooden boards covered in layers of charcoal writing, the work is weighty yet fragile – covered in languages you can see but cannot read.

Screwloose, a collection of sculptural pieces, short films, and visual-poems, responds to the increasing chaos of the international political system and asks the question: ‘Are we mad or are we made?’ reimagines an Ireland with a frictionless border, and asks if Donald Trump is still playing with his marbles or if he has lost them like the rest of us?

The exhibition is open 01 February – 09 March, Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 3pm.

To book a tour of the exhibition, or to book audio-description/BSL, please contact or phone 0289023945

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