The Crawling | Gig Review

The  Crawling | Gig Review

Limelight, Belfast  • Sat 08 April ’17

Photography & Review: Marc Leach

Winter is gone and Spring has sprung. The sign of good weather, bright colours and new life is in the air and what better way to celebrate this than by going to listen to some good-ole-fashioned metal. Yes, it’s Saturday and it’s time for the weekly RockD show provided by the Distortion Project; this time featuring none other than by doom metal titans The Crawling as they unleash their debut album ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ to the world.

It has been a busy 24 hours for the boys of Shrouded, who the night before just earned their way to the final of the annual Bloodstock: Metal 2 The Masses competition; yet the instant they took to the stage, the skin broke away from my body by the sheer power of their technical death metal sound. Continuing their energy from the night before, they didn’t show any sign of tiredness as they ploughed through a universe destroying set that included some sensational twin guitar work from Dani Kansanaho and Shane Hughes.

After such a performance it was time for something a bit more cute, cuddly and peaceful; pfft, yeah right! There is no such thing as ‘cute’ and ‘cuddly’ when it comes to the demonic, Valpurga. Inverted pentagrams? Check. Upside down crosses? Check. Corpse paint? Check. Yup, these guys brought both the stage presence and the power of black metal, with the queen of mean Ruby Black taking centre stage with her blood curdling screech. This was also the debut performance of the band’s newest members including a live drummer in the form of the highly regarded, Andy Burns (Ceaseless Blight, Rebels By Nature.)

With the dark lord now appeased, it was time for our headliners to take to the stage; The Crawling. Since winning the Metal 2 The Masses last year, the trio have had a busy year including performing at the Bloodstock festival. With the launch of their debut album it was fitting that the set was totally dedicated to it; including tracks such as ‘The Right To Crawl’ and the single ‘An Immaculate Deception.’ Having seen these guys before, this was by far a new and improved version of the band as they just reeked of power and confidence; as one of the finest headbangers I have ever seen Andy Clarke at the helm singing about misery and sadness with his deathly growl. For those that have seen The Crawling before will know that they love their strobe lights, well they were certainly working at full capacity for this thunderous performance from one of Belfast’s fast-rising sensations.


All in all this was a night where each band brought their A game plus more. Each band put on some of the tightest sets I have ever seen and it was even the best sound/light performance that the venue itself has provided. From all of us at CultureHub, we wish The Crawling all the very best with their debut album and look forward to hearing what is next for them.

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