Kelly’s Cellars Brings the Festive ‘Spirit’ with Gin-inspired Christmas Tree 

Kelly’s Cellars: Gin-inspired Christmas Tree

Kelly’s Cellars is delighting Belfast revellers this Christmas with its in-gin-ius Christmas Tree, made entirely from empty Jawbox Gin bottles. The tree, which soars to an impressive 8ft and has been in planning for almost a year, with the ‘spirited’ team at the city centre venue saving the empty bottles since spring.

Chief tree designer and manager of Kelly’s Cellars, Kieran Uprichard said: “We came up with the idea for the tree at the start of 2017 when we noticed just how popular Jawbox Gin had become with our customers. Sure enough by the time Christmas came along we’d collected enough bottles to make a gin tree a reality.

“Gin is one of, if not the most popular spirit here at Kelly’s Cellars so it’s great to do our bit to showcase a locally produced brand.

“We’re excited to signal the start of our Christmas season and surprise our loyal customers with our spirited Jawbox Gin tree. It will be in situ in our upstairs bar, which is open now.

Founder of Jawbox Gin, Gerry White had the honour of placing the last bottle at the top of the tree, at the venue this morning.

Gerry said: “At Jawbox we’re all about doing things right – sometimes the hard way, but for the right reasons. Kieran and his team have outdone themselves – the planning, effort and care that went into creating this showstopper is as impressive as it is touching.”

Jawbox Gin launched just 18 months ago but has already secured a cult following of gin-lovers both at home and abroad. Named after the ever-celebrated Belfast sink, colloquially known as the ‘Jawbox’, this small batch gin is an ode to a time when the front door was left unlocked and the craic was heard around the heart of the home, the sink. Inspired by the magnificent industrial era of Northern Irish history when ordinary men and women put Belfast on the map for hard graft and craft, Jawbox is a modern expression of Belfast’s traditional, impressive and uncompromising character.

To see the Jawbox Christmas Tree, visit the upstairs bar at Kelly’s Cellars, 30-32 Bank St, Belfast.

 For more festive ginspiration, visit or @jawboxgin on social.


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