London Grammar | Review

London Grammar | Review

Waterfront, Belfast • Thursday 02 November ’17

By Emer Dooris • Photos: Tremaine Gregg

Comparing the Belfast Waterfront Hall to playing in the Death Star, London Grammar’s set last night was out if this world. The English indie pop band from Nottingham completed their tour – in Belfast in style, complete with amazing audio-visuals and epic high notes.

The three-piece band: Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dominic Major formed in 2009, the trio now have two albums under their belt. Their award-winning debut album,  If You Wait and the highly anticipated follow up Truth is a Beautiful Thing – released in June 2017, went straight to the top of the album chart.

To describe London Grammar’s sound is a difficult task; to me, it is ethereal, sometimes classical, at times electronic with soaring high notes; it has low bass tones and rumbling drum beats. Hannah Reid’s vocals could be compared to the powerhouse which is Florence Welch. However, there is something magical in the way she controls her pitch. In new song ‘Rooting for You’ this skill is highlighted. Halfway through the set, Hannah seated on stage opened her lungs and expelled this hit to a mesmerised audience. Who would not be able to control their applause throughout the song?

The Belfast crowd lapped up last night’s performance which started with ‘Who am I’, ‘Flickers and ended with ‘Metal and Dust’. The attendees at the (almost) sold out venue joined in with the vocals for hits, ‘Hey Now’ and ‘Oh Woman, Oh Man’. One man in the back row of the auditorium was singled out by Reid for his enthusiasm as he clapped his way through the tunes; unfortunately, as Reid described, his timing was a “little off”. This, however, could not have been said of any member of London Grammar. The duration of the gig performed with enthusiasm and love; appreciating the audience and it certainly gave me goosebumps. I’ll be waiting patiently to see what comes next from this highly talented band.


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