George Egg: Anarchist Cook at The MAC Theatre

Preview | George Egg: Anarchist Cook

The MAC Theatre, Belfast • 09 – 10 November ’17

By Cara Gibney

Anybody out there into crazy innovative cookery? What about comedy – will there be anybody game for some real craic in and around Belfast next month?

Comedian George Egg brings his genuinely unique show to The MAC Theatre this November, and it’s a night of entertainment you will not have experienced before.

Borne from the mediocrity and expense of room service in the many hotels that he has stayed in over the years while working the circuit as a stand-up comedian, Egg has created the ultimate solution to his problem: Cooking his own meals in his hotel room. Using the equipment on-hand including irons, hair dryers, kettles, and the occasional trouser-press. The resulting show, Anarchist Cook, is a cocktail of stand-up comedy, cooking, and extreme multitasking. It bends the rules, encourages resourcefulness, and makes the science of it very practical. It’s also hilarious.

“I’m really tidy, I’ve been well brought up so I leave the room exactly as I find it,” he told me. So no hotel rooms have been harmed in the making of this show. Indeed, when word got out about Anarchist Cook at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015 a number of hoteliers came along to see what was going on. One of them liked it so much he posted a video about it on the hotel website saying “Look! Here are all the things we have in our rooms. We have irons, and trouser presses, and hair dryers – come and stay!”

In a way all this is no surprise. In his teens, George Egg was performing party tricks at children’s parties. When he grew out of that he moved into street entertainment, honing his skills for his career in stand-up. And now, so many years later, Anarchist Cook manages to combine his two passions – comedy and food.  “If I wasn’t doing this I would have my own restaurant,” he told me. Seems Anarchist Cook is offering the best of both worlds.

On the night, Egg will prepare a full three-course meal using only the equipment that hotels unwittingly provide. The audience can then taste the food at the end, and swap recipes with the Anarchist Cook himself.

N.B. Apparently, Egg’s children used to play with kids on his street whose surname was Bacon. Do you believe that?

George Egg: Anarchist Cook plays Belfast’s MAC Theatre 09 – 10 November 2017. For tickets and info click The MAC

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