Jazz Club feat. Van Morrison

Jazz Club featuring Van Morrison in conversation with Walter Love

Sunday 10 September & Sunday 17 September

BBC Radio Ulster, 9pm

In a special two-part interview for BBC Radio Ulster’s Jazz Club, beginning on Sunday 10 September at 9pm, Walter Love meets with Van Morrison to talk about discovering jazz and the blues in his home in East Belfast.

Van Morrison shares some of his earliest musical memories, discussing the artists who have influenced him and the important part they play in his story. The first programme includes part of an audio recording of Van’s mother, Violet, singing ‘Basin Street Blues’.

In the second programme Van talks about some seminal performances from his many recordings spanning almost five decades and the inspiration behind them.

Walter Love explains how the programmes came to be recorded: “Last year I was having lunch with Van Morrison and we spent some time talking about jazz and the blues. I have been a dedicated follower of jazz since my early years – a long time ago. However the world of blues is one which is less familiar to me. And yet there are many connections between the two, so that in our conversation, Van was able to show me where many of those links apply.” He explained.

“As we talked I realised it would be interesting to invite him to be a guest on Jazz Club. My normal approach to guests on the programme is to explore the careers involved. However I knew for Van this was an area which had been covered in the past. It seemed to both of us that the programmes should concentrate on the music. We spent some time selecting what seemed appropriate, beginning with some of the artists who were an initial influence – blues practitioners like Leadbelly and Sonny Terry. And also some of those he learned about through his father’s significant record collection. Van’s mother too was a jazz enthusiast, and he provided a wonderful recording she made singing Basin Street Blues. All of these feature in the first of two programmes. In the second programme the emphasis is on many of Van’s own recordings, ‘Celtic Excavation’, ‘Astral Weeks’, along with a track from his latest blues album to be released in September.”

Walter concludes: “For me, this exploration of his music is highly revealing. He is very much his own man, and as Belfast’s greatest ambassador for the blues and jazz, Van deserves the acknowledgements he has received and which he stills receives from countless enthusiasts worldwide.”

Jazz Club featuring Van Morrison in conversation with Walter Love is on BBC Radio Ulster, Sunday 10 September at 9pm.

Listen again to the programmes via the BBC Radio iPlayer, bbc.co.uk/radio

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