OhhSocial officially launch the ‘Food Hall’ on York Street

OhhSocial officially launch the ‘Food Hall’ on York Street

As reported by Rebecca Lenaghan

Cathedral Quarter eatery the Food Hall, on York Street, is exactly what its name might suggest. Owned by Mount Charles Catering, the cafeteria-style spot is in a prime location to entice passing students in search of anything from a brief caffeine top-up to a hearty stew. The hall boasts an array of options including a smoothie bar, a crepe stall, an ice-cream vendor and a café where you’ll find salads, soups, pies and more on the daily specials menu. In this relaxed setting, customers can pick and choose whether they’d prefer a small bite to eat or, if time goes on and the scent of baked crepes drizzled with Nutella is simply too irresistible, to keep going back for course after course. Although parts of the Food Hall have been open since November last year, all the components were launched officially on Thursday 29 June in partnership with the app, OhhSocial.

OhhSocial is a Belfast-based app with over 55 partners including local restaurants, hotels, bars and cinemas to provide its users with the best up-to-date offers around the city.  The app has hundreds of buy-one-get-one-free offers from hot drinks to main meals and can be purchased for an annual subscription of £14.99. On the homepage, the user can browse between bargain dining options, pampering possibilities and family activities before deciding to redeem any of the vouchers available. The app has teamed up with the Food Hall to provide BOGOF offers on juices, breakfasts, milkshakes, crepes and more throughout the summer.

The launch night offered plenty of taste-testing from each of the different stands in the Food Hall, with the sweet and savoury crepes perhaps proving to be most popular; however, a mound of mint choc chip ice-cream might have been a personal favourite. The evening’s staff were exceptionally attentive, refilling glasses with an interesting combination of candyfloss and champagne as well as offering endless samples of wraps, finger sandwiches and many miniature sweet treats. For those in search of a gluten-free option, an ice-cream or a brownie would be the limit of your success, but it is an area the café hopes to develop in the future. Background entertainment on the evening came in the form of acoustic guitarist and singer Paul Loughran.

The Food Hall is open Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-5pm.




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