Here We Lie | Preview

Here We Lie | Preview

The Lyric Theatre • 22 June – 02 July ’17

By Conor O’Neill

Hold on to your verisimilitude, legitimacy and authenticity, for an evening at least. In this age of false truths, fake news and the media spinning plates like disk-jockeys with nervous tics, Rawlife Theatre Company, with award winning writer and director Peter J. O’Reilly at the helm, promises to deliver a tale which dares to hold a mirror against the face of modern life as we’ve come to half know it.

Here We Lie boasts a cast of Rosie McClelland, Antoinette Morelli, Louise Mathews, Claire Connor and Bernadette Brown as O’Reilly turns the macro politics of the global stage into the micro but equally personally damaging carnage that is the gossiping neighbours and lies of a small Northern Irish fictional town called Loughsea.

Sharon (McClelland) has a hubby named Brian (Morelli) with roaming eyes and symmetrically groping hands who throws the town into a stir with the little misinformation his wife is dying. Of what, isn’t stated, but the news gets tongues wagging and Loughsea’s little dilemma soon finds Sharon’s life at the mercy of the whole of the North’s good will, and the lie spins the whole town and nation into a media frenzy.

Sound familiar? Brexit, hard, soft or sunny side up. Theresa May – or may not. The Trump campaign and presidency. Our wee troop of eejits Up On The Hill, even when they’re not there, have all been dying for a kick in the knackers in the last few months; finally someone has got round to it.

I’ve never had the pleasure of an evening of O’Reilly’s cutting mirth, and with un-forked tongued I must admit I looking forward to it tremendously. My only experience of Rawlife was a couple of years ago watching their fevered show Lanciatore – the Juggling Man which was a frantic exposition of strange music, audacious choreography and script matched by spot on acting.

For a few home truths right on your doorstep, get ringing The Lyric Theatre on 02890 381081 or visit

Here We Lie runs from 22 June to 02 July.

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