David C Clements | New Album Release

David C Clements | New Album Release

The Sound Of The Forest Choir

David C Clements returns with his brand new live album The Sound Of The Forest Choir featuring Michael Keeney and Arco String Quartet.

Recorded live at a sold out show at Fitzroy Presbyterian Church in Belfast at Christmas – the album features songs from David’s debut ‘The Longest Day In History’ like you’ve never heard them before. “It’s always been a dream of mine to perform with a string quartet (or an orchestra – but I’m not quite there yet!) so needless to say when we started to plan The Sound Of The Forest Choir I was extremely excited!”

“Michael, Clare & Rich (Arco) have been dear friends from the moment we met in the studio, to record The Longest Day In History, back in 2014. They were instrumental in helping us shape the sound of the record and are the most genuinely talented folks I’ve ever met! We’ve always said we should do a show together and eventually (3 years later) we got our act together and organised one!”

The album is accompanied by a beautiful, limited edition, screen print designed by London based artist and friend Neil Gillespie, who was the drummer in David’s pervious band SixStarHotel


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